Sylvain Lecomte

According to our database1, Sylvain Lecomte authored at least 45 papers between 1996 and 2020.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




A Framework for Detecting and Analyzing Behavior Changes of Elderly People over Time Using Learning Techniques.
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Evaluation and qualification of mobile application quality.
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Using Learning Techniques to Observe Elderly's Behavior Changes over Time in Smart Home.
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Do Mobile Developers Ask on Q&A Sites About Error Codes Thrown by a Cross-Platform App Development Framework? An Empirical Study.
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Discovering discussion topics about development of cross-platform mobile applications using a cross-compiler development framework.
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XamForumDB: a dataset for studying Q&A about cross-platform mobile applications development.
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Sharing with caution: Managing parking spaces in vehicular networks.
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Self-adaptation of a query service using reconfigurable components.
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Vers l'interopérabilité des modèles de localisation géométrique et sémantique au travers de l'utilisation de métadonnées.
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An Original Solution to Evaluate Location-Dependent Queries in Wireless Environments.
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Conception et adaptation de services techniques pour l'informatique ubiquitaire et nomade.
, 2005

Gestion Dynamique des Services Techniques pour Modele a Composants
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New Technical Services Using the Component Model for Applications in Heterogeneous Environment.
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A Metadata-Based Positioning Solution to Evaluate Location-Dependent Queries in Wireless Environments.
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Prise en charge de patients à domicile. Elaboration de systèmes d'information coopératifs.
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Using Some Database Principles to Improve Cooperation in Multi-Application Smart Cards.
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Turning Multi-applications Smart Cards Services Available from Anywhere at Anytime: A SOAP / MOM Approach in the Context of Java Cards.
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Utilisation des bases de données pour la flexibilité des services coopérants dans la carte à microprocesseur.
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COST-STIC Cartes Orientées Services Transactionnels et Systèmes Transactionnels Intégrant des Cartes. (SmartCard using transactional services and transactional services including SmartCard).
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Recoverable Persistent Memory for SmartCard.
Proceedings of the Smart Card Research and Applications, This International Conference, 1998

Agent and Smart Card based System for User's Mobility.
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