Teguh Bharata Adji

According to our database1, Teguh Bharata Adji authored at least 22 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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User profile correlation-based similarity (UPCSim) algorithm in movie recommendation system.
J. Big Data, 2021

Enhanced Graph Transforming V2 Algorithm for Non-Simple Graph in Big Data Pre-Processing.
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Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis Based on Improved Ensemble Learning.
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A Survey of Learning Style Detection Method using Eye-Tracking and Machine Learning in Multimedia Learning.
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Unsupervised software defect prediction using signed Laplacian-based spectral classifier.
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Unsupervised software defect prediction using median absolute deviation threshold based spectral classifier on signed Laplacian matrix.
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Development and evaluation of adaptive metacognitive scaffolding for algorithm-learning system.
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Improvement of fusion algorithm using cascade method and implementation on proxy server for replacing negative content on a porn site.
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On comprehensive analysis of learning algorithms on pedestrian detection using shape features.
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Short answer scoring system using automatic reference answer generation and geometric average normalized-longest common subsequence (GAN-LCS).
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Performance Comparison of Rank Aggregation Using Borda and Copeland in Recommender System.
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Multiple layer data hiding scheme based on difference expansion of quad.
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Deep residual coalesced convolutional network for efficient semantic road segmentation.
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Ground glass opacity lesion morphology extraction in primary lung cancer.
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AES S-box construction using different irreducible polynomial and constant 8-bit vector.
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Comparative Performance Study on Ordinary and Chaos Image Encryption Schemes.
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Work in progress: Application of unsupervised learning method toward student's metacognition assessment.
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UAV Dynamic Path Planning for Intercepting of a Moving Target: A Review.
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Statistical-based machine translation for prepositional phrase using Link Grammar.
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Applying Link Grammar Formalism in the Development of English-Indonesian Machine Translation System.
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