Tian Lu

According to our database1, Tian Lu authored at least 29 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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Tapered Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors for Monitoring the Steel Bar Corrosion.
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MPS-Net: Multi-Point Supervised Network for CT Image Segmentation of COVID-19.
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Prosocial Compliance in P2P Lending: A Natural Field Experiment.
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Why do borrowers default on online loans? An inquiry of their psychology mechanism.
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I like my app but I wanna try yours: exploring user switching from a learning perspective.
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Mutually Promoted or Mutually Restricted? A Multi-level Co-adaptation Regularized Deep Learning Method for Multimodal Data Based Default Risk Prediction.
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Adiabatic Flip-Flop and SRAM Design for an Adiabatic Reversible Microprocessor.
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Finite-time Consensus of Leader-following Multi-agent Systems with Input Saturation and Disturbance.
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Exploring Nature and Predicting Strength of Hydrogen Bonds: A Correlation Analysis Between Atoms-in-Molecules Descriptors, Binding Energies, and Energy Components of Symmetry-Adapted Perturbation Theory.
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Who Borrows Money from Microloan Platform? - Evidence from Campus E-card.
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The Effects of Venture Capital Investment on P2P Lending: Evidence from Users' Responses in Social Media.
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Don't Lie to Me: Tracking Eye Movement and Mouse Trajectory to Detect Deception in Sharing Economy.
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Integrating Ego, Homophily, and Structural Factors to Measure User Influence in Online Community.
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A theoretical investigation on doping superalkali for triggering considerable nonlinear optical properties of Si<sub>12</sub>C<sub>12</sub> nanostructure.
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Assessment of Borrowers' Delinquency and Default Behaviors in Online P2P Lending: A Two-stage Model.
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Rapid SOC prototyping utilizing quilt packaging technology for modular functional IC partitioning.
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Psychosocial Factors lead to Delinquency Itention on Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform: a Survey Evidence.
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Internet Usage, Physician Performances and Patient's Trust in Physician During Diagnoses: Investigating Both Pre-Use and Not-Use Internet Groups.
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