Yingjie Zhang

According to our database1, Yingjie Zhang authored at least 67 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Powder-Bed Fusion Process Monitoring by Machine Vision With Hybrid Convolutional Neural Networks.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Informatics, 2020

Co-Optimizing Performance And Fairness Using Weighted Pf Scheduling And Iab-Aware Flow Control.
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AdaBoost-based conformal prediction with high efficiency.
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Welding defect detection based on local image enhancement.
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An efficient ReRAM-based inference accelerator for convolutional neural networks via activation reuse.
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Boundary Evolution Algorithm for SAT-NP.
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Feature selection based on conditional mutual information: minimum conditional relevance and minimum conditional redundancy.
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Cellular Traffic Offloading via Link Prediction in Opportunistic Networks.
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Design and Experiment of Dual-Mass MEMS Gyroscope Sense Closed System Based on Bipole Compensation Method.
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An Embedded Inference Framework for Convolutional Neural Network Applications.
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A Programmable Calculation Unit Employing Memcapacitor-based Neuromorphic Circuit.
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Research on Illumination Estimation Based on Data Fitting.
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A Data-Driven Approach to Energy Cost Prediction Of Dwellings Based on Partitioned Parallel Modeling.
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Energy Saving Control Strategy for the High-Frequency Start-up Process for Electric Mining Haul Trucks.
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Using Online Geotagged and Crowdsourced Data to Understand Human Offline Behavior in the City: An Economic Perspective.
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A Cross Iteration Estimator with Base Vector for Estimation of Electric Mining Haul Truck's Mass and Road Grade.
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True-link clustering through signaling process and subcommunity merge in overlapping community detection.
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模式驱动的软件架构设计研究综述 (Review of Pattern Driven Software Architecture Design).
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A novel memristor-based restricted Boltzmann machine for contrastive divergence.
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Feature Selection Based on Term Frequency Reordering of Document Level.
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Speeding up MILP Aided Differential Characteristic Search with Matsui's Strategy.
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2D Otsu Segmentation Algorithm Improvement Based on FOCPSO.
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The Implementation of CNN-Based Object Detector on ARM Embedded Platforms.
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Out-of-Focus Projector Calibration Method with Distortion Correction on the Projection Plane in the Structured Light Three-Dimensional Measurement System.
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PQAC-WN: constructing a wordnet for Pre-Qin ancient Chinese.
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Reliability evaluation and component importance measure for manufacturing systems based on failure losses.
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Pilot power adaptation for tomographic channel estimation in distributed MIMO systems.
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Multi-parameter optimization for humanoid robot climbing stairs.
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CERIF: A Research Information Model for Electric Vehicles Decision Support System.
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Gaussian sum filtering using uncorrelatec conversion for nonlinear estimation.
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Joint Transceiver Design for Incremental Channel Estimation in Distributed MIMO Systems.
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Understanding User Economic Behavior in the City Using Large-scale Geotagged and Crowdsourced Data.
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Dealing with large overhead in FDD massive MIMO systems: A one-bit feedback scheme.
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Modeling User Engagement in Mobile Content Consumption with Tapstream Data.
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Reliability analysis of machining systems by considering system cost.
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Ultra-wideband microwave components fabricated using low-cost aerosol-jet printing technology.
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Learning from the Offline Trace: A Case Study of the Taxi Industry.
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Reconfiguration optimization for manufacturing network in terms of reliability analysis.
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Optimal multilevel thresholding using molecular kinetic theory optimization algorithm.
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Mapping Word Senses of Middle Ancient Chinese to WordNet.
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Adaptive pilot power allocation for distributed antenna systems with large-scale CSI.
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Quantitative Research on the Origins of Contemporary Chinese Vocabulary Based on The Great Chinese Dictionary.
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Data-driven evaluation of functional connectivity metrics.
Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, 2013

Using Similes to Extract Basic Sentiments across Languages.
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