Tomohiro Otani

According to our database1, Tomohiro Otani authored at least 19 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Fluid dynamic assessment of tracheal flow in infants with congenital tracheal stenosis before and after surgery.
Med. Biol. Engineering and Computing, 2019

Computational study for the effects of coil configuration on blood flow characteristics in coil-embolized cerebral aneurysm.
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A Computational Approach for Blood Flow Analysis in the Densely Coiled Cerebral Aneurysm.
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Requirements for GMPLS Applications of PCE.
RFC, September, 2013

Traffic Engineering Database Management Information Base in Support of MPLS-TE/GMPLS.
RFC, January, 2013

Computational fluid dynamics of blood flow in coil-embolized aneurysms: effect of packing density on flow stagnation in an idealized geometry.
Med. Biol. Engineering and Computing, 2013

Generalized Labels for Lambda-Switch-Capable (LSC) Label Switching Routers.
RFC, March, 2011

Real-time root cause analysis in OSS for a multilayer and multi-domain network using a hierarchical circuit model and scanning algorithm.
Proceedings of the Integrated Network Management, 2009

A Study on Cross-Layer Multi-Constraint Path Computation for IP-Over-Optical Networks.
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Proposal of the Architecture of a QoS Assured Network by Cooperating between IP Flow Control and MPLS DiffServ-TE.
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Multi-layer network management system with dynamic control of MPLS/GMPLS LSPs based on IP flows.
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Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Network Management System for a High Quality IP-Based Video Transmission Service.
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GMPLS Interoperability Tests in Kei-han-na Info-Communication Open Laboratory on JGN II Network.
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G-lambda and EnLIGHTened: wrapped in middleware co-allocating compute and network resources across Japan and the US.
Proceedings of the 1st International ICST Conference on Networks for Grid Applications, 2007

Network as a resource: G-lambda project and its architecture.
Proceedings of the 1st International ICST Conference on Networks for Grid Applications, 2007

G-lambda: Coordination of a Grid scheduler and lambda path service over GMPLS.
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GMPLS/OXC network testbed of JGN II.
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