Akira Hirano

According to our database1, Akira Hirano authored at least 22 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Assessment of Node- and Link- Level Blocking and Creating Cost-Effective Networks in the Era of Large Bandwidth Services.
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Pre-Adjustment Rerouting for Wavelength Defragmentation in Optical Transparent WDM Networks.
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Differential Reliability Path Accommodation Design and Reconfiguration in Virtualized Multi-Layer Transport Network.
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High-availability optical multi-carrier interface for operational expenditure reduction.
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Development of Shock-Wave-Powered Actuators for High Speed Positioning (Second Report: Characteristics of Diaphragmless Shock Tube and Responsiveness of Actuator).
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Multi-Layer Greenfield Re-Grooming with Wavelength Defragmentation.
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Multiflow optical transponder for efficient multilayer optical networking.
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Detecting System-directed Utterances using Dialogue-level Features.
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Grid Network Service-Web Services Interface Version 2 Achieving Scalable Reservation of Network Resources Across Multiple Network Domains via Management Plane.
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G-lambda and EnLIGHTened: wrapped in middleware co-allocating compute and network resources across Japan and the US.
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Network as a resource: G-lambda project and its architecture.
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The first functional demonstration of optical virtual concatenation as a technique for achieving Terabit networking.
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An electrophysiological model of chemotactic response in Paramecium.
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Collaborative Multimedia Analysis for Detecting Semantical Events from Broadcasted Sports Video.
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