Toni Giorgino

According to our database1, Toni Giorgino authored at least 32 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Computational and Experimental Characterization of NF023, A Candidate Anticancer Compound Inhibiting cIAP2/TRAF2 Assembly.
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TorchMD: A deep learning framework for molecular simulations.
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PYCV: a PLUMED 2 Module Enabling the Rapid Prototyping of Collective Variables in Python.
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Computing diffusion coefficients in macromolecular simulations: the Diffusion Coefficient Tool for VMD.
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Exploring the Role of Interdisciplinarity in Physics: Success, Talent and Luck.
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How to differentiate collective variables in free energy codes: Computer-algebra code generation and automatic differentiation.
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METAGUI 3: A graphical user interface for choosing the collective variables in molecular dynamics simulations.
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PLUMED-GUI: An environment for the interactive development of molecular dynamics analysis and biasing scripts.
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Computing 1-D atomic densities in macromolecular simulations: The density profile tool for VMD.
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MEMBPLUGIN: studying membrane complexity in VMD.
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