U. Raghavendra

According to our database1, U. Raghavendra authored at least 30 papers between 1996 and 2019.

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An efficient traffic sign recognition based on graph embedding features.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2019

Application of multiresolution analysis for automated detection of brain abnormality using MR images: A comparative study.
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Automated Categorization of Multi-Class Brain Abnormalities Using Decomposition Techniques With MRI Images: A Comparative Study.
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An efficient data mining framework for the characterization of symptomatic and asymptomatic carotid plaque using bidimensional empirical mode decomposition technique.
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Automated system for the detection of thoracolumbar fractures using a CNN architecture.
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Automated identification of shockable and non-shockable life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias using convolutional neural network.
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Multiple thresholding and subspace based approach for detection and recognition of traffic sign.
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Automated screening tool for dry and wet age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) using pyramid of histogram of oriented gradients (PHOG) and nonlinear features.
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