Volker Settgast

According to our database1, Volker Settgast authored at least 31 papers between 2004 and 2022.

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Move your virtual body: differences and similarities in brain activation patterns during hand movements in real world and virtual reality.
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Accelerated Airborne Virus Spread Simulation: Coupling Agent-based Modeling with GPU-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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A System for Collaborative Assembly Simulation and User Performance Analysis.
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Immersive analysis of user motion in VR applications.
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Immersive Analytics of Anomalies in Multivariate Time Series Data with Proxy Interaction.
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VAST: A High-Fidelity Prototype for Future Air Traffic Control Scenarios.
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Dynamo - dynamic 3D models for the web: a declarative approach to dynamic and interactive 3D models on the web using x3dom.
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Publishing 3D Content as PDF in Cultural Heritage.
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