Wei Zuo

Orcid: 0000-0002-4021-0649

According to our database1, Wei Zuo authored at least 39 papers between 2004 and 2023.

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A Federated Learning Latency Minimization Method for UAV Swarms Aided by Communication Compression and Energy Allocation.
Sensors, July, 2023

Improvement of Lunar Surface Dating Accuracy Utilizing Crater Degradation Model: A Case Study of the Chang'e-5 Sampling Area.
Remote. Sens., May, 2023

DML: Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration With Scalable Task Scheduling for Multi-Applications on FPGAs.
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Machine Learning Fusion Multi-Source Data Features for Classification Prediction of Lunar Surface Geological Units.
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Pan-location mapping and localization for the in-situ science exploration of Zhurong Mars rover.
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ADET: anomaly detection in time series with linear time.
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Building a great multi-lingual teacher with sparsely-gated mixture of experts for speech recognition.
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Reconstruct Anomaly to Normal: Adversarially Learned and Latent Vector-Constrained Autoencoder for Time-Series Anomaly Detection.
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Three-State Markov Chain Based Reliability Analysis of Complex Traction Power Supply Systems.
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Co-evolution path and its innovative design of China's export cross-border e-commerce: a case study.
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Reconstruct Anomaly to Normal: Adversarial Learned and Latent Vector-constrained Autoencoder for Time-series Anomaly Detection.
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How to Avoid Credit Risk of Network Shopping with the Establishment of Reputation Mechanism of E-Commerce Enterprises.
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Machine learning on FPGAs to face the IoT revolution.
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Accurate High-level Modeling and Automated Hardware/Software Co-design for Effective SoC Design Space Exploration.
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Managing and modeling web service evolution in SOA architecture. (Gestion et modélisation pour l'évolution des services web dans l'architecture SOA).
PhD thesis, 2016

Contour-based automatic crater recognition using digital elevation models from Chang'E missions.
Comput. Geosci., 2016

Research on the Coordination Mechanism and Improvement Strategy of the Business Model from China's Export Cross-border E-commerce - - Based on the Theory of Coevolution.
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Research on the Innovation of Business Ecosystem Model in China's 0nline Food Reservation Market at Sharing Economic Era.
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Parallel code-specific CPU simulation with dynamic phase convergence modeling for HW/SW co-design.
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