Weimin Bao

According to our database1, Weimin Bao authored at least 18 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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High-Resolution Time-to-Digital Converters Implemented on 40-, 28-, and 20-nm FPGAs.
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Joint pairwise graph embedded sparse deep belief network for fault diagnosis.
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A pairwise graph regularized constraint based on deep belief network for fault diagnosis.
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Short-Frame Fountain Code for Plasma Sheath With "Communication Windows".
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Sensing Matrix Design for MMV Compressive Sensing: An MVDR Approach.
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Fast-Moving Jamming Suppression for UAV Navigation: A Minimum Dispersion Distortionless Response Beamforming Approach.
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Sparse Bayesian Learning Assisted CFO Estimation Using Nonnegative Laplace Priors.
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One-Bit SAR Imaging Based on Single-Frequency Thresholds.
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High Sensitivity Flexible Electronic Skin Based on Graphene Film.
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Sensitivity-Compensated Micro-Pressure Flexible Sensor for Aerospace Vehicle.
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Adaptive Classification Fountain Codes for Reentry Communication.
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1-bit SAR Imaging Assisted with Single-frequency Threshold.
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Three-Dimensional Diving Guidance for Hypersonic Gliding Vehicle via Integrated Design of FTNDO and AMSTSMC.
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An efficient simulation of the fractional chaotic system and its synchronization.
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Second-Order Dynamic Sliding-Mode Control for Nonminimum Phase Underactuated Hypersonic Vehicles.
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Three-Dimensional Interfacial Stress Decoupling Method for Rehabilitation Therapy Robot.
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Clustered Multi-Task Learning for Automatic Radar Target Recognition.
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An efficient parallel solution for Caputo fractional reaction-diffusion equation.
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