Xianliang Wu

According to our database1, Xianliang Wu authored at least 19 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Miniaturized, Ultra-Wideband and High Isolation Single Pole Double Throw Switch by Using π-Type Topology in GaAs pHEMT Technology.
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An Ultra-Compact On-Chip Reconfigurable Bandpass Filter With Semi-Lumped Topology by Using GaAs pHEMT Technology.
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An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing EBG Structure With Ultra-Wideband SSN Suppression Performance of Mixed Signal Systems.
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Fast Analysis of Local Current Distribution for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems of Electrically Large Objects.
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Coupling of Gain Medium and Extraordinary Optical Transmission for Effective Loss Compensation.
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A new solution of Schrödinger equation based on symplectic algorithm.
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A symplectic FDTD algorithm for the simulations of lossy dispersive materials.
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A fast catheter segmentation and tracking from echocardiographic sequences based on corresponding X-ray fluoroscopic image segmentation and hierarchical GRAPH modelling.
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Feature selection for reliable data association in visual SLAM.
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High-order symplectic FDTD scheme for solving a time-dependent Schrödinger equation.
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