Yating Li

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According to our database1, Yating Li authored at least 57 papers between 2009 and 2024.

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The interplay of manufacturer encroachment and blockchain adoption to combat counterfeits in a platform supply chain.
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Implications of Demand Information Transparency on a Platform's Bundling Strategy.
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Solution of wide and micro background bias in contrastive action representation learning.
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OUS: Scene-Guided Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition.
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On the Effectiveness of Function-Level Vulnerability Detectors for Inter-Procedural Vulnerabilities.
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SDSS: Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Edge Enabled IoV Networks.
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Investigating teachers' participation patterns in online teacher professional development: what is the relationship between participation frequency and participation quality?
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Student behavior recognition for interaction detection in the classroom environment.
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Integration of Neuromorphic and Reconfigurable Logic-in-Memory Operations in an Electrolyte-Manipulated Ferroelectric Organic Neuristor.
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Vision-Based Underwater Target Following Control of an Agile Robotic Manta With Flexible Pectoral Fins.
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An Effective Learning Evaluation Method Based on Text Data with Real-time Attribution - A Case Study for Mathematical Class with Students of Junior Middle School in China.
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Investigating teachers' information literacy and its differences in individuals and schools: a large-scale evaluation in China.
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The role of student engagement in promoting teachers' continuous learning of TPACK: based on a stimulus-organism-response framework and an integrative model of behavior prediction.
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The role of offline trade in sharing accommodation.
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Evaluation of teachers' information literacy based on information of behavioral data in online learning and teaching platforms: an empirical study of China.
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Multi-modal fusion network with complementarity and importance for emotion recognition.
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Robin: A Novel Method to Produce Robust Interpreters for Deep Learning-Based Code Classifiers.
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Generation and Design of Helan Mountain Petroglyphs Based on Style Transfer Algorithm.
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Localization of epileptogenic foci by automatic detection of high-frequency oscillations based on waveform feature templates.
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Human-centered attention-aware networks for action recognition.
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Multiple Solutions for a Class of BVPs of Second-Order Discontinuous Differential Equations with Impulse Effects.
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Intelligent Privacy Protection of End User in Long Distance Education.
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EMK-ABSE: Efficient Multikeyword Attribute-Based Searchable Encryption Scheme Through Cloud-Edge Coordination.
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ISBFK-means: A new clustering algorithm based on influence space.
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Integrating technology into teaching: Factors influencing rural teachers' innovative behavior.
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The role of school ICT construction and teacher information literacy in reducing teacher burnout: Based on SEM and fsQCA.
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Promoting teacher information literacy from a principal's perspective based on intermediate chain analysis.
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Structural Evolution of Regional Firm Network System under the Influence of Industrial transfer: A Case Study of the Refrigeration Industrial Cluster of Minquan County.
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Factors associated with teachers' competence to develop students' information literacy: A multilevel approach.
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3-D Path Following Control for a Miniature Maneuverable Robotic Fish with Hybrid Actuators.
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Analysis of The Relationship between Electricity Market and Climate Based on "Double Carbon".
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Technologies and Electrical Engineering, 2022

Research on The Inter-Provincial Market Mechanism of Increasing The Proportion of Green Energy.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Technologies and Electrical Engineering, 2022

Designer? User? Player! - A Framework of Opportunities to Improve Interpersonal Dynamics During Usability Testing Through Gamification.
Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2022

Evolution and diffusion of information literacy topics.
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Hyperspectral image classification based on spatial and spectral kernels generation network.
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Interval Observer-Based Detection and Localization Against False Data Injection Attack in Smart Grids.
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What Concerns Consumers about Hypertension? A Comparison between the Online Health Community and the Q&A Forum.
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The effects of consumer animosity on demand for sharing-based accommodations: Evidence from Airbnb.
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An Extension to ns-3 for Simulating Mobile Charging with Wireless Energy Transfer.
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Study of the collaboration in the field of the Chinese humanities and social sciences.
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