Xiaoyan Lu

Orcid: 0000-0001-6117-1979

According to our database1, Xiaoyan Lu authored at least 47 papers between 2009 and 2024.

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PDRF-Net: a progressive dense residual fusion network for COVID-19 lung CT image segmentation.
Evol. Syst., April, 2024

Analysis of Ozone Formation Sensitivity in Chinese Representative Regions Using Satellite and Ground-Based Data.
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Siamese Transformer for Group Re-Identification via Multiscale Feature Transform and Joint Learning.
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Occlusion-Aware Road Extraction Network for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery.
IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote. Sens., 2024

Like draws to like: A Multi-granularity Ball-Intra Fusion approach for fault diagnosis models to resists misleading by noisy labels.
Adv. Eng. Informatics, 2024

Effectiveness of information and communication technology(ICT) for addictive behaviors: An umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Comput. Hum. Behav., October, 2023

DBF-Net: a semi-supervised dual-task balanced fusion network for segmenting infected regions from lung CT images.
Evol. Syst., June, 2023

Data augmentation by separating identity and emotion representations for emotional gait recognition.
Robotica, May, 2023

Cross-supervision-based equilibrated fusion mechanism of local and global attention for semantic segmentation.
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FCKDNet: A Feature Condensation Knowledge Distillation Network for Semantic Segmentation.
Entropy, January, 2023

A two-branch deep learning with spatial and pose constraints for social group detection.
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Open-Source Data-Driven Cross-Domain Road Detection From Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery.
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Spatio-Temporal Dual-Branch Network With Predictive Feature Learning for Satellite Video Object Segmentation.
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TSN-GReID: Transformer-based Siamese Network for Group Re-Identification.
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Estimation of Lower-Stratosphere-to-Troposphere Ozone Profile Using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM).
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Digital twin for geometric feature online inspection system of car body-in-white.
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Contribution of structural accessibility to the cooperative relationship of TF-lncRNA in myopia.
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CellTalkDB: a manually curated database of ligand-receptor interactions in humans and mice.
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MLDT: Multi-task Learning with Denoising Transformer for Gait Identity and Emotion Recognition.
Proceedings of the AICCC 2021: 4th Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Conference, Kyoto, Japan, December 17, 2021

COLOR: Cycling, Offline Learning, and Online Representation Framework for Airport and Airplane Detection Using GF-2 Satellite Images.
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Asymptotic resolution bounds of generalized modularity and multi-scale community detection.
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Location deviations of DNA functional elements affected SNP mapping in the published databases and references.
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Landscape of SNPs-mediated lncRNA structural variations and their implication in human complex diseases.
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Evaluation of drug efficacy based on the spatial position comparison of drug-target interaction centers.
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A Novel Global-Aware Deep Network for Road Detection of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery.
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Community detection and its applications in understanding dynamics of social networks.
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Multi-Scale and Multi-Task Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Road Extraction.
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Regularized Stochastic Block Model for robust community detection in complex networks.
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Adaptive modularity maximization via edge weighting scheme.
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The New Mode of the Construction of Advertising Course Based on Distance Education: The Research of the Exploitation of the Network Course of the .
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