Zhaojun Liu

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According to our database1, Zhaojun Liu authored at least 26 papers between 2010 and 2024.

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Toward digital twins for high-performance manufacturing: Tool wear monitoring in high-speed milling of thin-walled parts using domain knowledge.
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A Fully-Integrated Micro-Display System With Hybrid Voltage Regulator.
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SC2sepsis: sepsis single-cell whole gene expression database.
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A Novel Unsupervised Machine Learning-Based Method for Chatter Detection in the Milling of Thin-Walled Parts.
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A Tungsten-Rhenium Thin Film Thermocouples Sensor Based on AlN Transition Layer.
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Direct Interaction on Specific Frequency Bands in Functional Corticomuscular Coupling.
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Reducing Afterpulsing in InGaAs(P) Single-Photon Detectors with Hybrid Quenching.
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Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Its Applications for Detecting and Mapping the Seafloor: A Review.
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An AC-Powered Smart LED Bulb for 3D Indoor Localization Using VLC.
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Image fusion with Internal Generative Mechanism.
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Research on a frequent maximal induced subtrees mining method based on the compression tree sequence.
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An AMLED microdisplay driver SoC with built-in 1.25-Mb/s VLC transmitter.
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Research and Implement of Structure Learning Algorithm for Hybrid Bayesian Networks.
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