Xue-rong Cui

According to our database1, Xue-rong Cui authored at least 27 papers between 2011 and 2019.

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Research on autocorrelation and cross-correlation analyses in vehicular nodes positioning.
IJDSN, 2019

MCTS: Multi-Channel Transmission Simultaneously Using Non-Feedback Fountain Code.
IEEE Access, 2018

Method to Improve the Positioning Accuracy of Vehicular Nodes Using IEEE 802.11p Protocol.
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Improved Vehicle Ranging Method for the IEEE 802.11p.
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Identification, 2018

An UWB ranging method based on wavelet packet decomposition.
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Threshold selection method for UWB TOA estimation based on wavelet decomposition and kurtosis analysis.
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Study on the Impulse Radio mmWave for 5G-Based Vehicle Position.
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Wireless Ranging Method for Vehicular Node based-on IEEE802.11p Short Preamble.
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A Cooperative Downloading Method for VANET Using Distributed Fountain Code.
Sensors, 2016

Correlation-sum-deviation ranging method for vehicular node based on IEEE 802.11p short preamble.
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Real-Time Positioning Based on Millimeter Wave Device to Device Communications.
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Vehicle Positioning Using 5G Millimeter-Wave Systems.
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A balanced cooperative downloading method for VANET.
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Study on the Ranging Estimation Based on Millimeter-Wave with Raised-Cosine Carrier.
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Accuracy analysis of an impulse radio 60 GHz positioning system.
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A Timing Estimation Method Based-on Skewness Analysis in Vehicular Wireless Networks.
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Improving Ultra-Wideband Positioning Security Using a Pseudo-Random Turnaround Delay Protocol.
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Timing Synchronization Samples of IEEE 802.11p.
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Low Complexity Codebook-Based Beam Switching for 60 GHz Anti-Blockage Communication.
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A compensation model of cooperative downloading for vehicular network.
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Study on the Ultra-wideband Wireless Positioning Protocol Based on Pseudo-random Turnaround Delay.
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