Xiao Chen

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Enhancing GUI Exploration Coverage of Android Apps with Deep Link-Integrated Monkey.
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Spatiotemporal Diffusion Model with Paired Sampling for Accelerated Cardiac Cine MRI.
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GenNBV: Generalizable Next-Best-View Policy for Active 3D Reconstruction.
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A fully integrated ultra-low noise low-dropout regulator inherently combined with bandgap reference for SoC applications.
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Workplace loneliness, ego depletion and cyberloafing: can leader problem-focused interpersonal emotion management help?
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Spectroscopy-Guided Discovery of Three-Dimensional Structures of Disordered Materials with Diffusion Models.
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CAMEL2: Enhancing weakly supervised learning for histopathology images by incorporating the significance ratio.
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Automated identification and quantification of myocardial inflammatory infiltration in digital histological images to diagnose myocarditis.
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