Yansen Su

According to our database1, Yansen Su authored at least 20 papers between 2010 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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A many-objective evolutionary algorithm with diversity-first based environmental selection.
Swarm Evol. Comput., 2020

Community detection in complex networks with an ambiguous structure using central node based link prediction.
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A non-revisiting genetic algorithm based on a novel binary space partition tree.
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A Strengthened Dominance Relation Considering Convergence and Diversity for Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization.
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A uniform solution to SAT problem by symport/antiport P systems with channel states and membrane division.
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An improved universal spiking neural P system with generalized use of rules.
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Identifying Disease Modules Based on Connectivity and Semantic Similarities.
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The computational power of enzymatic numerical P systems working in the sequential mode.
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Spiking neural P systems with rules on synapses and anti-spikes.
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A skin membrane-driven membrane algorithm for many-objective optimization.
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A multi-objective evolutionary approach for mining frequent and high utility itemsets.
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A local information based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for community detection in complex networks.
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A Fast Overlapping Community Detection Algorithm Based on Weak Cliques for Large-Scale Networks.
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A region division based diversity maintaining approach for many-objective optimization.
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Spiking Neural P Systems with Rules on Synapses Working in Sum Spikes Consumption Strategy.
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