Xiaolong Shi

According to our database1, Xiaolong Shi authored at least 21 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Text similarity semantic calculation based on deep reinforcement learning.
Int. J. Secur. Networks, 2020

Low-Complexity Dual-Vector-Based Predictive Control of Three-Phase PWM Rectifiers Without Duty-Cycle Optimization.
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DNA Logic Circuits Based on Accurate Step Function Gate.
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DNA Logic Multiplexing Using Toehold-Mediated Strand Displacement.
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Iterative feature representations improve N4-methylcytosine site prediction.
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Changing and Unchanging 2-Rainbow Independent Domination.
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Spiking neural P systems with rules on synapses and anti-spikes.
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A computational approach for nuclear export signals identification using spiking neural P systems.
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Automatic Registration Method for Optical Remote Sensing Images with Large Background Variations Using Line Segments.
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A Robust Point-Matching Algorithm Based on Integrated Spatial Structure Constraint for Remote Sensing Image Registration.
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An Effective Android Software Reinforcement Scheme Based on Online Key.
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Reversible Spiking Neural P Systems with Astrocytes.
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A Method of Multiple Encryption and Sectional Encryption Protocol Reverse Engineering.
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Reversible spiking neural P systems.
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