Yao Luo

According to our database1, Yao Luo authored at least 21 papers between 2011 and 2021.

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3D Face Reconstruction From A Single Image Assisted by 2D Face Images in the Wild.
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No-reference omnidirectional video quality assessment based on generative adversarial networks.
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Bi-branch network for dynamic scene deblurring.
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Face Attribute Invertion.
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Continuous Similarity Learning with Shared Neural Semantic Representation for Joint Event Detection and Evolution.
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Improved InSAR Layover and Shadow Detection using Multi-Feature.
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Learning Robust 3D Face Reconstruction and Discriminative Identity Representation.
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Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Dense Face Alignment from A Single Image with 2D-Assisted Self-Supervised Learning.
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Enhance the Motion Cues for Face Anti-Spoofing using CNN-LSTM Architecture.
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Deep Transfer Across Domains for Face Anti-spoofing.
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A Novel Event Detection Model Based on Graph Convolutional Network.
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CuckooFlow: Achieving Fast Packet Classification for Virtual OpenFlow Switching by Exploiting Network Traffic Locality.
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IoT for the Power Industry: Recent Advances and Future Directions with Pavatar.
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Lossless Layout Image Compression Algorithms for Electron-Beam Direct-Write Lithography.
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