Yi-Chen Chen

According to our database1, Yi-Chen Chen authored at least 31 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Audio Word2vec: Sequence-to-Sequence Autoencoding for Unsupervised Learning of Audio Segmentation and Representation.
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AIPNet: Generative Adversarial Pre-training of Accent-invariant Networks for End-to-end Speech Recognition.
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From Semi-supervised to Almost-unsupervised Speech Recognition with Very-low Resource by Jointly Learning Phonetic Structures from Audio and Text Embeddings.
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Multi-feature shape regression for face alignment.
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Improved Audio Embeddings by Adjacency-Based Clustering with Applications in Spoken Term Detection.
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Almost-unsupervised Speech Recognition with Close-to-zero Resource Based on Phonetic Structures Learned from Very Small Unpaired Speech and Text Data.
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Towards Unsupervised Automatic Speech Recognition Trained by Unaligned Speech and Text only.
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Phonetic-and-Semantic Embedding of Spoken words with Applications in Spoken Content Retrieval.
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The Effects of EFL Learners' Awareness and Retention in Learning Metaphoric and Metonymic Expressions.
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