Yu Cai

According to our database1, Yu Cai authored at least 81 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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A flapping feathered wing-powered aerial vehicle.
CoRR, 2021

Identification of Alpine Glaciers in the Central Himalayas Using Fully Polarimetric L-Band SAR Data.
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Fast semidefinite programming with feedforward neural networks.
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MNN: A Universal and Efficient Inference Engine.
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Stereo Matching with Multi-scale Based on Anisotropic Match Cost.
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Single image deraining via deep pyramid network with spatial contextual information aggregation.
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Communication-Assisted Protection and Self-Healing Control Scheme for Distribution Networks Based on IEC 61850.
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MNN: A Universal and Efficient Inference Engine.
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A neural network oracle for quantum nonlocality problems in networks.
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CropCircDB: a comprehensive circular RNA resource for crops in response to abiotic stress.
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Optimization of Reconstruction Accuracy of Anomaly Position Based on Stacked Auto-Encoder Neural Networks.
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A Mobile Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things.
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Multiview Dimension Reduction Based on Sparsity Preserving Projections.
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Experimental Characterization, Optimization, and Recovery of Data Retention Errors in MLC NAND Flash Memory.
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Scripting for Administration, Automation and Security.
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A Holistic and Case-Analysis Approach for Cybersecurity Education: (Abstract Only).
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Cybersecurity Should be Taught Top-Down and Case-Driven.
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Sparse Coding and Counting for Robust Visual Tracking.
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Research on High Precision pH Sensing Device Based on Cloud Platform Service.
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Normal-controlled coordinates based feature-preserving mesh editing.
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A novel controllable carrier-injection mechanism in high voltage diode for reducing switching loss.
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Neighbor-cell assisted error correction for MLC NAND flash memories.
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Dynamic Virtual Machine Placement for Cloud Computing Environments.
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CMDP based adaptive power management in server clusters.
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Estimation of the absolute camera pose for environment recognition of industrial robotics.
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High voltage (>1100V) SOI LDMOS with an accumulated charges layer for double enhanced dielectric electric field.
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Voltage magnitude and margin controller for remote industrial microgrid with high wind penetration.
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Mobile Agent Based Network Defense System in Enterprise Network.
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Integrating sustainability into undergraduate computing education.
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Visualizing Data Quality Metadata for Decision Support: A Prototype and Evaluation.
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Application of RF Tags in Highway Reference Markers.
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