Yue Luo

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According to our database1, Yue Luo authored at least 53 papers between 2001 and 2024.

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Observer-Based Reachable Set Synthesis for Discrete-Time Periodic Piecewise Systems Subject to Multiple Packet Dropouts.
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DPMGCDA: Deciphering circRNA-Drug Sensitivity Associations with Dual Perspective Learning and Path-Masked Graph Autoencoder.
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Assessing Human Visual Attention in Retail Human-Robot Interaction: A YOLOv8-Nano and Eye-Tracking Approach.
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Designing Nightlights to Facilitate Evening Activities among Older Adults: Illuminance and Hue Preferences.
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Distributed filtering algorithm based on local outlier factor under data integrity attacks.
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Embedding Entity and Relation for Knowledge Graph by Probability Directed Graph.
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