Yunlei Liang

According to our database1, Yunlei Liang authored at least 12 papers between 2017 and 2020.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



In proceedings 
PhD thesis 




Calibrating the dynamic Huff model for business analysis using location big data.
Trans. GIS, 2020

Mapping county-level mobility pattern changes in the United States in response to COVID-19.
ACM SIGSPATIAL Special, 2020

Multiscale Dynamic Human Mobility Flow Dataset in the U.S. during the COVID-19 Epidemic.
CoRR, 2020

Mobile phone location data reveal the effect and geographic variation of social distancing on the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.
CoRR, 2020

Estimation of Regional Economic Development Indicator from Transportation Network Analytics.
CoRR, 2020

An improved scheme for eliminating the coupled motion of surgical instruments used in laparoscopic surgical robots.
Robotics Auton. Syst., 2019

Predicting the spatiotemporal legality of on-street parking using open data and machine learning.
Ann. GIS, 2019

Mechanism Design and Optimization of a Haptic Master Manipulator for Laparoscopic Surgical Robots.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding and Predicting the Spatiotemporal Availability of Street Parking.
Proceedings of the 27th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, 2019

Optimizing Bus Stop Spacing Using the Simulated Annealing Algorithm with Spatial Interaction Coverage Model.
Proceedings of the 11th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science, 2018

Utilizing Reverse Viewshed Analysis in Image Geo-Localization.
Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Recommendations for Location-based Services and Social Networks, 2018

A Novel Position Compensation Scheme for Cable-Pulley Mechanisms Used in Laparoscopic Surgical Robots.
Sensors, 2017