Yuqing Lin

According to our database1, Yuqing Lin authored at least 66 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Detecting Pervasive Source Code Plagiarism through Dynamic Program Behaviours.
Proceedings of the ACE 2020, 2020

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A two-layer Wang-Mendel fuzzy approach for predicting the residuary resistance of sailing yachts.
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Malicious web domain identification using online credibility and performance data by considering the class imbalance issue.
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Assimilating multi-source data into a three-dimensional hydro-ecological dynamics model using Ensemble Kalman Filter.
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Capillary Ionic Transistor and Precise Transport Control for Nano Manipulation.
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Perceived ANSHIN for Anthropomorphized Robots Compared Among U.S., China, and Japan.
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SMEs and Green innovation: Government or firms? A green digitization perspective.
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Automated Assessment of ER Model Using the Domain Knowledge.
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Hydrodynamic Tweezers: Trapping and Transportation in Microscale Using Vortex Induced by Oscillation of a Single Piezoelectric Actuator.
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Strategies of Stable Grasp and Accurate Release for Dual-finger Micromanipulator.
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Resistive Pulse Study of Liposome Stability: Towards Precision and Efficient Drug Delivery.
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Iterative Process for Generating ER Diagram from Unrestricted Requirements.
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Microfluidic Device for Analyzing Self-adaption of Cancer Cell During Squeezing in channel.
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Accumulative Energy-Based Seam Carving for Image Resizing.
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Software Development in the City Evolutions Project.
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Development and application of a hybrid model to analyze spatial distribution of macroinvertebrates under flow regulation in the Lijiang River.
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