Hongliang Lu

According to our database1, Hongliang Lu authored at least 52 papers between 2010 and 2021.

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On the complexity of all (g, f)-factors problem.
Discret. Math., 2021

A Co-Optimization Method of Actuators/Sensors Placement and LQG Controller for Vibration Suppression.
IEEE Access, 2021

Building 3-D Reconstruction With a Small Data Stack Using SAR Tomography.
IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Obs. Remote. Sens., 2020

An Ore-type condition for large k -factor and disjoint perfect matchings.
J. Graph Theory, 2020

Antifactors of regular bipartite graphs.
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Characterization of 1-tough graphs using factors.
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Corrigendum to "A Distributed Relation Detection Approach in the Internet of Things".
Mob. Inf. Syst., 2019

Minimum codegree condition for perfect matchings in k-partite k-graphs.
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H-Decomposition of r-Graphs when H is an r-Graph with Exactly k Independent Edges.
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Binding Number, Toughness and General Matching Extendability in Graphs.
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Characterizations of graphs G having all [1, k]-factors in kG.
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Fractional Factors, Component Factors and Isolated Vertex Conditions in Graphs.
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SAR Tomographic Imaging Demonstration Using GF-3 Data.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2019

On Rainbow Matchings for Hypergraphs.
SIAM J. Discret. Math., 2018

Almost Perfect Matchings in k-Partite k-Graphs.
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Disjoint perfect matchings in 3-uniform hypergraphs.
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A degree condition for a graph to have (a, b)-parity factors.
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A Physically Unclonable Function with BER < 0.35% for Secure Chip Authentication Using Write Speed Variation of RRAM.
Proceedings of the 48th European Solid-State Device Research Conference, 2018

A Tutte-Type Characterization for Graph Factors.
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Improved analytical model of surface potential with modified boundary conditions for double gate tunnel FETs.
Microelectron. Reliab., 2017

A Distributed Relation Detection Approach in the Internet of Things.
Mob. Inf. Syst., 2017

Note on matchings in 3-partite 3-uniform hypergraphs.
Discret. Math., 2017

On the number of disjoint perfect matchings of regular graphs with given edge connectivity.
Discret. Math., 2017

An Extension of Cui-Kano's Characterization on Graph Factors.
J. Graph Theory, 2016

A <i>Ku</i>-Band Low-Phase-Noise Cross-Coupled VCO in GaAs HBT Technology.
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Generalization of Matching Extensions in Graphs (IV): Closures.
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Vertex-Coloring Edge-Weighting of Bipartite Graphs with Two Edge Weights.
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A Cluster Based Approach for Task Scheduling across Multiple Programming Systems.
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Maximizing Information Diffusion in the Cyber-physical Integrated Network.
Sensors, 2015

Maximum spectral radius of graphs with given connectivity, minimum degree and independence number.
J. Discrete Algorithms, 2015

DMRUT-MCDS: Discovery relationships in the cyber-physical integrated network.
J. Commun. Networks, 2015

Maximizing the information diffusion opportunity in the cyber-physical network.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, 2015

MatrixMap: Programming Abstraction and Implementation of Matrix Computation for Big Data Applications.
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2015

On Perfect k-Matchings.
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Surface embedding of (n, k)-extendable graphs.
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Distributed Relation Discovery in Internet of Things.
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On the Existence of General Factors in Regular Graphs.
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On Cui-Kano's Characterization Problem on Graph Factors.
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PTAS for the minimum k-path connected vertex cover problem in unit disk graphs.
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On Superconnectivity of (4, g)-Cages.
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Note on parity factors of regular graphs.
Electron. J. Graph Theory Appl., 2013

Simplified existence theorems on all fractional [<i>a</i>, <i>b</i>][a, b]-factors.
Discret. Appl. Math., 2013

Maximum Spectral Radius of Graphs with Connectivity at Most k and Minimum Degree at Least δ.
Proceedings of the Combinatorial Algorithms - 24th International Workshop, 2013

Regular Graphs, Eigenvalues and Regular Factors.
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How to Dynamically Protect Data in Mobile Cloud Computing?
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Vertex-coloring 2-edge-weighting of graphs.
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Vertex-deleted subgraphs and regular factors from regular graph.
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Generalization of matching extensions in graphs (III).
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On superconnectivity of (4, <i>g</i>)-cages with even girth.
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Component factors with large components in graphs.
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