Kexin Wang

According to our database1, Kexin Wang authored at least 23 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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TSDAE: Using Transformer-based Sequential Denoising Auto-Encoder for Unsupervised Sentence Embedding Learning.
CoRR, 2021

An Emotion-controlled Dialog Response Generation Model with Dynamic Vocabulary.
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Structurally Comparative Hinge Loss for Dependency-Based Neural Text Representation.
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User preference-aware video highlight detection via deep reinforcement learning.
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Receding Horizon Optimization Method for Solving the Cops and Robbers Problems in a Complex Environment with Obstacles.
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A New Modal Autoencoder for Functionally Independent Feature Extraction.
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Multi-resource balance optimization for virtual machine placement in cloud data centers.
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Alterations of Brain Functional Networks in Older Adults: A Resting-state fMRI Study Using Graph Theory.
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Understanding Memory Modules on Learning Simple Algorithms.
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Near-infrared six-band polarization-independent wide-angle absorber based on metal cavity arrays filled with GaAs.
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A Virtual Machine Placement Algorithm Combining NSGA-II and Bin-Packing Heuristic.
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Finite-Element Collocation Based Successive Convexification for Powered Landing Guidance of Reusable Rockets.
Proceedings of the 12th Asian Control Conference, 2019

Application of Least-Squares Support Vector Machines for Quantitative Evaluation of Known Contaminant in Water Distribution System Using Online Water Quality Parameters.
Sensors, 2018

Can insecurely attached dating couples get compensated on social network sites? - The effect of surveillance.
Comput. Hum. Behav., 2017

Time-Optimal Maneuver Planning in Automatic Parallel Parking Using a Simultaneous Dynamic Optimization Approach.
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Approximate explicit model predictive control using high-level canonical piecewise-affine functions.
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Reduced precision solution criteria for nonlinear model predictive control with the feasibility-perturbed sequential quadratic programming algorithm.
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Robust extensions for reduced-space barrier NLP algorithms.
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Quasi-weighted least squares estimator for data reconciliation.
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AASC: adaptive avoid second-collision backoff algorithm for multihop wireless sensor networks.
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