Yuri Bizzoni

According to our database1, Yuri Bizzoni authored at least 20 papers between 2014 and 2022.

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Reviewer Preferences and Gender Disparities in Aesthetic Judgments.
CoRR, 2022

Registerial Adaptation vs. Innovation Across Situational Contexts: 18th Century Women in Transition.
Frontiers Artif. Intell., 2021

Sentiment Dynamics of Success: Fractal Scaling of Story Arcs Predicts Reader Preferences.
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Measuring Translationese across Levels of Expertise: Are Professionals more Surprising than Students?
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Linguistic Variation and Change in 250 Years of English Scientific Writing: A Data-Driven Approach.
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How Human is Machine Translationese? Comparing Human and Machine Translations of Text and Speech.
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Sky + Fire = Sunset. Exploring Parallels between Visually Grounded Metaphors and Image Classifiers.
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Figurative Language Processing, 2020

Some steps towards the generation of diachronic WordNets.
Proceedings of the 22nd Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NoDaLiDa 2019, Turku, Finland, September 30, 2019

The Effect of Context on Metaphor Paraphrase Aptness Judgments.
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Bigrams and BiLSTMs Two Neural Networks for Sequential Metaphor Detection.
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Non-Literal Text Reuse in Historical Texts: An Approach to Identify Reuse Transformations and its Application to Bible Reuse.
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Projet Odysseus, Outil d'Etudes Comparatives Du Traductologue.
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