Zehui Zhan

According to our database1, Zehui Zhan authored at least 17 papers between 2011 and 2022.

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Edge2Analysis: A Novel AIoT Platform for Atrial Fibrillation Recognition and Detection.
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Effect of groups size on students' learning achievement, motivation, cognitive load, collaborative problem-solving quality, and in-class interaction in an introductory AI course.
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Research on personalized recommendation of MOOC resources based on ontology.
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The design and application of IRobotQ3D for simulating robotics experiments in K-12 education.
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A case study of Appling Combined Task-driven Teaching Strategy in STEAM Education.
Proceedings of the ICBDE'22: The 2022 5th International Conference on Big Data and Education, Shanghai, China, February 26, 2022

Teaching Design Thinking in a C-STEAM Project: A Case Study of developing the Wooden Arch Bridges' Intelligent Monitoring system.
Proceedings of the IC4E 2022: 13th International Conference on E-Education, E-Business, E-Management, and E-Learning, Tokyo, Japan, January 14, 2022

Cellphone addiction during the Covid-19 outbreak: How online social anxiety and cyber danger belief mediate the influence of personality.
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Investigating the effect of reverse engineering pedagogy in K-12 robotics education.
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Designing a C-STEAM Course for Enhancing Children's Positive Psychological Characters and Learning Performance: A Two-Stage Experiment: This study examines the effects of positive psychology education in cultural learning.
Proceedings of the ICETC 2021: 13th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers, Wuhan, China, October 22, 2021

Effect of "6C" instructional design model on students' STEAM competency and cultural inheritance literacy in a Dragon Boat C-STEAM course.
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