Zhe Ji

According to our database1, Zhe Ji authored at least 33 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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A class of new high-order finite-volume TENO schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws with unstructured meshes.
CoRR, 2021

Improving decision-making efficiency of image game based on deep Q-learning.
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Popularity-Driven Content Placement and Multi-Hop Delivery for Terrestrial-Satellite Networks.
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Energy-Efficient Data Offloading for Multi-Cell Satellite-Terrestrial Networks.
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A Feature-aware SPH for Isotropic Unstructured Mesh Generation.
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Accuracy and reliability of computer-assisted semi-automated morphological analysis of intracranial aneurysms: an experimental study with digital phantoms and clinical aneurysm cases.
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ECT Sensor Simulation and Fuzzy Optimization Design Based on Multi Index Orthogonal Experiment.
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Delay-Aware Satellite-Terrestrial Backhauling for Heterogeneous Small Cell Networks.
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Resource Trading in Blockchain-Based Industrial Internet of Things.
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New Construction of Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) Self-Dual Codes over Finite Fields.
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A Lagrangian Inertial Centroidal Voronoi Particle method for dynamic load balancing in particle-based simulations.
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An optimal particle setup method with Centroidal Voronoi Particle dynamics.
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Computing Resource Allocation in LEO Satellites System: A Stackelberg Game Approach.
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Self-learning Congestion Control of MPTCP in Satellites Communications.
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Design and implementation of a game interface interaction on smartphone.
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A Parameter Space Framework for Online Outlier Detection Over High-Volume Data Streams.
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An OpenCL-accelerated parallel immunodominance clone selection algorithm for feature selection.
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Ensemble Learning for Countermeasure of Audio Replay Spoofing Attack in ASVspoof2017.
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Decoding and calibration method on focused plenoptic camera.
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Large scale water entry simulation with smoothed particle hydrodynamics on single- and multi-GPU systems.
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Unconstrained Two-parallel-plane Model for Focused Plenoptic Cameras Calibration.
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Rectifying projective distortion in 4D light field.
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A new effective wearable hand gesture recognition algorithm with 3-axis accelerometer.
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On the analysis of effective capacity over generalized fading channels.
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Duration weighted Gaussian Mixture Model supervector modeling for robust speaker recognition.
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A precise measurement of quality factor for Planar Microtoroid Resonators.
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Towards the UML Evaluation Using Taxonomic Patterns on Meta-Classes.
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