Zhe Shi

According to our database1, Zhe Shi authored at least 16 papers between 2012 and 2018.

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Fault prediction of power electronics modules and systems under complex working conditions.
Computers in Industry, 2018

Tracklet association based multi-target tracking.
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Local abnormal behavior detection based on optical flow and spatio-temporal gradient.
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Financial Distress Prediction Based on Support Vector Machine with a Modified Kernel Function.
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Discovery of Novel Inhibitors Targeting the Menin-Mixed Lineage Leukemia Interface Using Pharmacophore- and Docking-Based Virtual Screening.
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Image annotation via deep neural network.
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Development and evaluation of health monitoring techniques for railway point machines.
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Image Annotation Based on Multi-view Learning.
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Triangulation of molecular surfaces based on extracting surface atoms.
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Identification and Marking of Molecular Surface Feature Regions Based on Spherical Mapping.
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Optimal sizing of DGs and storage for microgrid with interruptible load using improved NSGA-II.
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