Yuan Xu

According to our database1, Yuan Xu authored at least 162 papers between 1993 and 2020.

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Dealing with small sample size problems in process industry using virtual sample generation: a Kriging-based approach.
Soft Comput., 2020

A new approach to cubic q-rung orthopair fuzzy multiple attribute group decision-making based on power Muirhead mean.
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Superconvergence Analysis of the Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for a Linear Hyperbolic Equation.
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A Novel Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making Approach Based on Interval-Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy Linguistic Sets.
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Image Restoration for Low-Dose CT via Transfer Learning and Residual Network.
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Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based on Interval-Valued q-Rung Dual Hesitant Uncertain Linguistic Sets.
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Analyses of Pinned Photodiodes With High Resistivity Epitaxial Layer for Indirect Time-of-Flight Applications.
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A 0.4 V 298 nJ/op Neural Signal Spectral Feature Extraction Module With Novel Approximate MACs and Custom Compressors.
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Route Choice Behavior: Understanding the Impact of Asymmetric Preference on Travelers' Decision Making.
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Modeling and Characterization of Capacitive Coupling Intrabody Communication in an In-Vehicle Scenario.
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EffFeu Project: Towards Mission-Guided Application of Drones in Safety and Security Environments.
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Mobile Robot Indoor Positioning Based on a Combination of Visual and Inertial Sensors.
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Investigation on Mass Sensitivity of N-M Type Electrode Quartz Crystal Microbalance.
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A method to multi-attribute decision making with picture fuzzy information based on Muirhead mean.
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Predicting post-stroke pneumonia using deep neural network approaches.
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Some Interval-Valued q-Rung Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Muirhead Mean Operators With Their Application to Multi-Attribute Decision-Making.
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Discovering Medication Patterns for High-Complexity Drug-Using Diseases Through Electronic Medical Records.
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Matching Corresponding Regions of Interest on Cranio-Caudal and Medio-Lateral Oblique View Mammograms.
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On Composite Leader-follower Formation Control for Wheeled Mobile Robots with Adaptive Disturbance Rejection.
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A Optimized PPD CMOS Pixel with 26.09 % Transfer Efficiency Improvement and 43.34 % Crosstalk Suppression for I-ToF Application.
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A 63.3ps TDC Measurement System Based on FPGA for Pulsed Laser Ranging.
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Soft sensor development using PLSR based multi-kernel ELM.
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Some <i>q</i>-Rung Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Heronian Mean Operators with Their Application to Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making.
Symmetry, 2018

Robust Self-Contained Pedestrian Navigation by Fusing the IMU and Compass Measurements via UFIR Filtering.
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Pythagorean Fuzzy Interaction Muirhead Means with Their Application to Multi-Attribute Group Decision-Making.
Inf., 2018

Avalon: Building an Operating System for Robotcenter.
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The Z-Polynomial of a Matroid.
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UniMa at SemEval-2018 Task 7: Semantic Relation Extraction and Classification from Scientific Publications.
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EffFeu project: Efficient Operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Industrial Fire Fighters.
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One-Step Facile Synthesis of Aptamer-Modified Graphene Oxide for Highly Specific Enrichment of Human A-Thrombin in Plasma.
Sensors, 2017

The effect of carbon tax on carbon emission abatement and GDP: a case study.
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Image Matching Optimization Based on Taguchi Method and Adaptive Spatial Clustering with SIFT Features.
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Overview of the Evasion Resilience Testing Technology for Network Based Intrusion Protecting Devices.
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基于语义理解和机器学习的混合的中文文本情感分类算法框架 (Hybrid Algorithm Framework for Sentiment Classification of Chinese Based on Semantic Comprehension and Machine Learning).
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A novel fitness allocation algorithm for maintaining a constant selective pressure during GA procedure.
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Cluster synchronization in complex networks of nonidentical dynamical systems via pinning control.
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TarPred: a web application for predicting therapeutic and side effect targets of chemical compounds.
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Motif mining based on network space compression.
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Perceived Benefits, Risks and Trust on Online Shopping Festival.
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Borislav D. Bojanov: 18 November 1944-8 April 2009.
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