Zheng Lin

According to our database1, Zheng Lin authored at least 39 papers between 1989 and 2018.

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Accurate Quantile Estimation for Skewed Data Streams Using Nonlinear Interpolation.
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Deep Uniqueness-Aware Hashing for Fine-Grained Multi-Label Image Retrieval.
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Accurate quantile estimation for skewed data streams.
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A Rule Based Open Information Extraction Method Using Cascaded Finite-State Transducer.
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Skyline Join Query Processing over Multiple Relations.
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Quantifying the Effect of Sentiment on Topic Evolution in Chinese Microblog.
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A Word Vector and Matrix Factorization Based Method for Opinion Lexicon Extraction.
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Make It Possible: Multilingual Sentiment Analysis without Much Prior Knowledge.
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A neural model of mentalization/mindfulness based psychotherapy.
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A Cross-Lingual Joint Aspect/Sentiment Model for Sentiment Analysis.
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Find me opinion sources in blogosphere: a unified framework for opinionated blog feed retrieval.
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Integrating object-oriented image analysis and decision tree algorithm for land use and land cover classification using RADARSAT-2 polarimetric SAR imagery.
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A gene expression programming algorithm for multiobjective site-search problem.
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Research on Optimizing Enterprise Knowledge Portal Based on Knowledge Architecture.
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Multi-Stage Partner Selection Based on Genetic-Ant Colony Algorithm in Agile Supply Chain Network.
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Agile Partner Selection Based on Meta-heuristic Algorithm.
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Research on customer segmentation model by clustering.
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Research on audit informatization under the environment of e-business.
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Noise reduction for chaotic signals based on new approach of measuring the signal determinacy.
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Unseeded Region Growing for 3D Image Segmentation.
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