Ali Abbas

According to our database1, Ali Abbas authored at least 24 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Classification of DoS Attacks in Smart Underwater Wireless Sensor Network.
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A New Fuzzy Knowledge-based Optimisation System for Management of Container Yard Operations.
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Digital media users and Facebook hashtags' misinterpretations.
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Modelling and predicting student's academic performance using classification data mining techniques.
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Guaranteed lifetime protocol for IoT based wireless sensor networks with multiple constraints.
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Features Weight Estimation Using a Genetic Algorithm for Customer Churn Prediction in the Telecom Sector.
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A task-independent design and development process for cognitive products in industrial applications.
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A Constrained Fuzzy Knowledge-Based System for the Management of Container Yard Operations.
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Enhancing the performance of a solar-assisted adsorption chiller using advanced composite materials.
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Adaptive Forwarding Scheme for Bounded Time Constraint in Delay Tolerant Networks.
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Twisted and coiled sensor for shape estimation of soft robots.
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A physics based model for twisted and coiled actuator.
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Fuzzy Logic-Based Guaranteed Lifetime Protocol for Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks.
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The Propensity to Cycle Tool: An open source online system for sustainable transport planning.
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Delay bounded spray and wait in delay tolerant networks.
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Statistical Signal Processing Technique for Identification of Different Infected Sites of the Diseased Lungs.
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Optimisation of LNG mixed-refrigerant processes considering operation and design objectives.
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A Fourth Order Hermitian Box-Scheme with Fast Solver for the Poisson Problem in a Square.
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A model-based nucleation study of the combined effect of seed properties and cooling rate in cooling crystallization.
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An Automated Computerized Auscultation and Diagnostic System for Pulmonary Diseases.
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Demand Curve Prediction via Bayesian Probability Assignment over a Functional Space.
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DCS implementation of optimal operational policies: a crystallisation case study.
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A Comprehensive Approach to Designing Internet Security Taxonomy.
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Utility-Probability Duality
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