Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez

According to our database1, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez authored at least 31 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Locomotion Design for an Internally Actuated Cubic Robot for Exploration of Low Gravity Bodies in the Solar System.
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Human action recognition based on low- and high-level data from wearable inertial sensors.
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Classification of bipolar disorder episodes based on analysis of voice and motor activity of patients.
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Comparison between passive vision-based system and a wearable inertial-based system for estimating temporal gait parameters related to the GAITRite electronic walkway.
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The COMRADE System for Multirobot Autonomous Landmine Detection in Postconflict Regions.
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A simple network agreement-based approach for combining evidences in a heterogeneous sensor network.
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Comparison of a Vision-Based System and a Wearable Inertial-Based System for a Quantitative Analysis and Calculation of Spatio-Temporal Parameters.
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Extending a spherical robot for dealing with irregular surfaces: a sea urchin-like robot.
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Enhanced Locomotion of a Spherical Robot Based on the Sea-urchin Characteristics.
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Exergames as Tools Used on Interventions to Cope with the Effects of Ageing: A Systematic Review.
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Simple linear vision module for micro mobile robot applications.
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Collaborative robots for indoor environment exploration.
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Le principe de la Coopération Située.
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