Apostolos A. Kountouris

According to our database1, Apostolos A. Kountouris authored at least 29 papers between 1996 and 2017.

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Modeling of Time and Frequency Random Access Network and Throughput Capacity Analysis.
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Throughput Capacity Analysis of a Random Multi-user Multi-channel Network Modeled as an Occupancy Problem.
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Energy-efficient physical layer packet authenticator for machine-to-machine networks.
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Secure Lossless Aggregation Over Fading and Shadowing Channels for Smart Grid M2M Networks.
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Low-Power Low-Rate Goes Long-Range: The Case for Secure and Cooperative Machine-to-Machine Communications.
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Resilient networking in wireless sensor networks
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Combining Speculative Execution and Conditional Resource Sharing to Efficiently Schedule Conditional Behaviors.
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