Arun K. Samantaray

According to our database1, Arun K. Samantaray authored at least 30 papers between 1999 and 2021.

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Prognosis of Dynamical System Components with Varying Degradation Patterns using model-data-fusion.
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Bond graph modeling and multi-body dynamics of a twin rotor system.
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Resonant capture and Sommerfeld effect due to torsional vibrations in a double Cardan joint driveline.
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Robust fault detection and isolation of hybrid systems with uncertain parameters.
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Force control in a parallel manipulator through virtual foundations.
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Design and validation of a reconfiguration strategy for a redundantly actuated intelligent autonomous vehicle.
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Evaluation of antilock braking system with an integrated model of full vehicle system dynamics.
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A Finite Element Study of Chip Formation Process in Orthogonal Machining.
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Prediction of the quality of pulsed metal inert gas welding using statistical parameters of arc signals in artificial neural network.
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Development of a thermodynamically consistent kinetic model for reactions in the solid oxide fuel cell.
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Modeling and analysis of preloaded liquid spring/damper shock absorbers.
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Bond graph model of a vertical U-tube steam condenser coupled with a heat exchanger.
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Model based fault diagnosis, fault tolerant control and reconfiguration of hydraulic and thermo-fluid processes using analytical redundancy.
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Sensor based weld bead geometry prediction in pulsed metal inert gas welding process through artificial neural networks.
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Component-Based Modelling of Thermofluid Systems for Sensor Placement and Fault Detection.
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Modelling of basic induction motors and source loading in rotor-motor systems with regenerative force field.
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