Bin Yuan

Orcid: 0000-0002-5365-904X

According to our database1, Bin Yuan authored at least 80 papers between 1994 and 2024.

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A Broadband Cascode Low-Noise Amplifier Using Transformer Feedback and Darlington Techniques.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II Express Briefs, January, 2024

Leakage of Authorization-Data in IoT Device Sharing: New Attacks and Countermeasure.
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Identification of important nodes in the information propagation network based on the artificial intelligence method.
CoRR, 2024

Automated Scoring of Clinical Patient Notes using Advanced NLP and Pseudo Labeling.
CoRR, 2024

Curriculum Recommendations Using Transformer Base Model with InfoNCE Loss And Language Switching Method.
CoRR, 2024

DG-ALETSK: A High-Dimensional Fuzzy Approach With Simultaneous Feature Selection and Rule Extraction.
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Analysis and Design of a Gain-Enhanced 1-20-GHz LNA With Output-Stage Transformer Feedback.
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On the Security of Smart Home Systems: A Survey.
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SmartPatch: Verifying the Authenticity of the Trigger-Event in the IoT Platform.
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Double groups of gates based Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (DG-TSK) fuzzy system for simultaneous feature selection and rule extraction.
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Low-illumination image enhancement with logarithmic tone mapping.
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Research on Defect Detection of the Outer Side of Bottle Cap Based on High Angle and Multi-View Vision System.
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Fine-Grained Code Clone Detection with Block-Based Splitting of Abstract Syntax Tree.
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Enhancing Deep Learning-based Vulnerability Detection by Building Behavior Graph Model.
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Prior-Enhanced Network for Image-Based PM2.5 Estimation from Imbalanced Data Distribution.
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Adaptive Neural Network Sliding Mode Control Method Based on Udwadia-Kalaba Theory.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics, 2023

Structural Resilience and Connectivity of the IPv6 Internet: An AS-level Topology Examination.
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IoT Anomaly Detection Via Device Interaction Graph.
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Lost along the Way: Understanding and Mitigating Path-Misresolution Threats to Container Isolation.
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A Fuzzing-Based Method for Testing Rules in Intrusion Detection Systems in 6G Networks.
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Effective network intrusion detection via representation learning: A Denoising AutoEncoder approach.
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Three-Way Image Classification with Evidential Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
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SAND: semi-automated adaptive network defense via programmable rule generation and deployment.
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Q-Band Radial Waveguide Power Divider Based on a Specific Cycloidal-Like Transition Implementation.
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Research on Surface Defect Detection Technology Based on the Zonal and Time-Sharing Computational Imaging.
IEEE Access, 2022

P-Verifier: Understanding and Mitigating Security Risks in Cloud-based IoT Access Policies.
Proceedings of the 2022 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2022

StateDiver: Testing Deep Packet Inspection Systems with State-Discrepancy Guidance.
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Application of Motion Sensor Based on Neural Network in Basketball Technology and Physical Fitness Evaluation System.
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Research on Intelligent Algorithm of Identity Authentication Based on Facial Features.
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Detecting Malicious Switches for a Secure Software-defined Tactile Internet.
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Introduction to special issue on advances in multi-phase fluid and multi-scale particulate reactive flow modeling and simulation for petroleum engineering applications.
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Automatically derived stateful network functions including non-field attributes.
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Who's In Control? On Security Risks of Disjointed IoT Device Management Channels.
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Adaptive PI Controller for Dredged Pipeline Transportation.
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Clustering Based on Supervised Learning of Exemplar Discriminative Information.
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Exploring New Opportunities to Defeat Low-Rate DDoS Attack in Container-Based Cloud Environment.
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Minimizing Financial Cost of DDoS Attack Defense in Clouds With Fine-Grained Resource Management.
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Differential Evolution Analysis of Clinical Characteristics of Severe Viral Pneumonia in Children.
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Secure Data Transportation With Software-Defined Networking and k-n Secret Sharing for High-Confidence IoT Services.
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Evidential Deep Neural Networks for Uncertain Data Classification.
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Performance of Existing Predictor of SubCellular Localization of Long Non-Coding RNA on the New Database.
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Self-Normalizing Generative Adversarial Network for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of SAR Images.
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An Optronic Processor for Ultra-Wideband Spectrum Awareness.
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A Robust Multiscale Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Sar Object Recognition.
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Automatic Sub-Images Extraction from Entire Urban SAR Scenes Based on the Clustering-Based Algorithm and Graph Traversal Methods.
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A New Approach to Automatic Clothing Matting from Mannequins.
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A Fine-Grained Multi-Tenant Permission Management Framework for SDN and NFV.
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Solving Anomalies in NFV-SDN Based Service Function Chaining Composition for IoT Network.
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Enhanced reliability of hexagonal boron nitride dielectric stacks due to high thermal conductivity.
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The Influence Simulation Analysis of the Sensitive Area of the Instrument Landing System's Localizer On The Position Of The Aircraft Take-off Waiting Line.
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Enhanced Attack Aware Security Provisioning Scheme in SDN/NFV Enabled over 5G Network.
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基于B样条的Level-Set GPU演化算法 (Level-Set GPU Evolution Algorithm Based on B-spline).
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Mechanism study on gear tooth surface texture in power honing process.
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Relation between the Yin-cold or Yang-heat syndrome type of TCM and the EGFR gene status in patients with NSCLC.
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Biostable ssDNA Aptamers Specific for Hodgkin Lymphoma.
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