Wenlong Liu

According to our database1, Wenlong Liu authored at least 40 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Shuffle Scheduling for MapReduce Jobs Based on Periodic Network Status.
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Triple-adjacent-frame generative network for blind video motion deblurring.
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Parameter-Free Landweber Iteration Method for Robust Adaptive Beamforming.
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Timer Trigger Parameter Tuning Method of Primary Frequency Regulation for BESS.
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Exploring the Impact of Managerial Responses to Online Reviews in the Sharing Economy: A Case of Accommodation Sharing Service.
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Spectral Norm Based Mean Matrix Estimation and Its Application to Radar Target CFAR Detection.
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Do Hotel Responses Matter?: A Comprehensive Perspective on Investigating Online Reviews.
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Equality-Constrained Detector Using Probabilistic Approach for Massive GSSK-MIMO Systems.
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Unsupervised Clustering for Nonlinear Equalization in Indoor Millimeter-Wave Communications.
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Narratology-Based Interaction Design of 3D Reconstructed Cultural Relics.
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Fiber Bragg Grating Displacement Sensor with High Abrasion Resistance for a Steel Spring Floating Slab Damping Track.
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基于Repast Simphony平台的人群运动行为仿真及优化 (Simulation and Optimization of Crowd Movement Behavior Based on Repast Simphony Platform).
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Necessary Condition-Based Detector for Generalized Space Shift Keying MIMO Systems.
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Online Taxi-Hailing Platform Using Blockchain Technology.
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Security Analysis of the Qian et al. Protocol: A Revised Tree-LSHB+ Protocol.
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Yes-Net: An effective Detector Based on Global Information.
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Security Review and Study of DoS Attack on DNS in the International Roaming EPC_LTE Network.
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An augmented Lagrangian method for binary quadratic programming based on a class of continuous functions.
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New feature of nystagmus and its application in benign pistional paroxysmal vertigo.
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Further Complexity Reduction Using Rotational Symmetry for EDAS in Spatial Modulation.
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A snoring detector for OSAHS based on patient's individual personality.
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A New Speech Enhancement Method for Adverse Noise Environment.
Proceedings of the Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2005, Second International Symposium on Neural Networks, Chongqing, China, May 30, 2005