Chen Chu

Orcid: 0009-0008-2070-1820

According to our database1, Chen Chu authored at least 21 papers between 2015 and 2024.

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PhD thesis 




Simulating human mobility with a trajectory generation framework based on diffusion model.
Int. J. Geogr. Inf. Sci., May, 2024

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Global Marine Network Based on Massive Vessel Trajectories.
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CityFlowER: An Efficient and Realistic Traffic Simulator with Embedded Machine Learning Models.
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Emergent leader-follower relationship in networked multiagent systems.
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DeepIndoorCrowd: Predicting crowd flow in indoor shopping malls with an interpretable transformer network.
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A Pair-Approximation Method for Modelling the Dynamics of Multi-Agent Stochastic Games.
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Ability-based asymmetrical fitness calculation promotes cooperation in spatial prisoner's dilemma game.
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Modelling the Dynamics of Regret Minimization in Large Agent Populations: a Master Equation Approach.
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A Formal Model for Multiagent Q-Learning Dynamics on Regular Graphs.
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Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Mapping: Construction and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Development Index.
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Ultrasonic thyroid nodule detection method based on U-Net network.
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To Write not Select, a New Text Entry Method Using Joystick.
Proceedings of the Human-Computer Interaction: Interaction Technologies, 2015