Hao Guo

According to our database1, Hao Guo authored at least 53 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Monitoring and Predicting Drought Based on Multiple Indicators in an Arid Area, China.
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Data protection and provenance in cloud of things environment: research challenges.
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Predicting Missing Information of Key Aspects in Vulnerability Reports.
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Predictor Antenna Systems: Exploiting Channel State Information for Vehicle Communications.
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A novel route to cyclic dominance in voluntary social dilemmas.
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Comparative Study of the Influence of Open Circuit Voltage Tests on State of Charge Online Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries.
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Predicting Missing Information of Vulnerability Reports.
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国家电网边缘计算信息系统安全风险评估方法研究 (Research on Security Risk Assessment Method of State Grid Edge Computing Information System).
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A superlinear convergence scheme for nonlinear fractional differential equations and its fast implement.
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Deep Poisoning Functions: Towards Robust Privacy-safe Image Data Sharing.
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Coevolution of multi-game resolves social dilemma in network population.
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The effect of multigame on cooperation in spatial network.
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A 0.08mm2 25.5-to-29.9GHz Multi-Resonant-RLCM-Tank VCO Using a Single-Turn Multi-Tap Inductor and CM-Only Capacitors Achieving 191.6dBc/Hz FoM and 130kHz 1/f3 PN Corner.
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Embedding and Predicting Software Security Entity Relationships: A Knowledge Graph Based Approach.
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Scheduling Optimization of Vehicles Considering Customer Rank and Delivery Time Demand.
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A discrete-time and finite-state Markov Chain model for association football matches.
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The Relationship Between Investor Sentiment and Stock Market Volatility: Based on the VAR Model.
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Automatic Identification of Indicators of Compromise using Neural-Based Sequence Labelling.
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Seek Control of Hard Disk Drives Using Model Following Control: An Improved Result.
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Under-Coupling Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator Applied to Resonant Micro-Optic Gyroscope.
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Using automatic generation of Labanotation to protect folk dance.
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An Innovative Framework for Customised Intermodal and Multiobjective Trip Planner.
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Load Balanced Mobile User Recruitment for Mobile Crowdsensing Systems.
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Environment promotes the evolution of cooperation in spatial voluntary prisoner's dilemma game.
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A kind of soft pneumatic actuator based on multi-material 3D print technology.
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A Mutation Approach of Detecting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.
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ShadowPWD: practical browser-based password manager with a security token.
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Flexible Pressure Sensor with Ag Wrinkled Electrodes Based on PDMS Substrate.
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A Quantitative Risk Evaluation Model for Network Security Based on Body Temperature.
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Motion-blurred SIFT invariants based on sampling in image deformation space and univariate search.
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On efficient vaccine distribution strategy to suppress pandemic using social relation.
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Social Relation Based Long-Term Vaccine Distribution Planning to Suppress Pandemic.
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Model and Algorithm for Closed-loop Logistics System Considering Time-satisfaction Degree and Returns under E-commerce Environment.
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A Generic Provenance Middleware for Queries, Updates, and Transactions.
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance, 2014

The Catchment Water-Based System Health Evaluation Based on the TOPSIS Model.
Proceedings of the Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture VIII, 2014

RBF Neural Network Based on K-means Algorithm with Density Parameter and Its Application to the Rainfall Forecasting.
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Automatic Labanotation Generation Based on Human Motion Capture Data.
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Hopf bifurcation in an Internet worm propagation model with time delay in quarantine.
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Geographic Elements Selection Algorithm Based on Quadtree in Variable-scale Visualization.
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A rotary joint based on dielectric elastomer.
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Mobile Q&A for enhancing online discussion.
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