Chen Liu

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Assessing Neural Network Representations During Training Using Noise-Resilient Diffusion Spectral Entropy.
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World Model Based Sim2Real Transfer for Visual Navigation.
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Divide and Ensemble: Progressively Learning for the Unknown.
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Enhancing the Authenticity of Rendered Portraits with Identity-Consistent Transfer Learning.
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Towards Mitigating Architecture Overfitting in Dataset Distillation.
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Optimal Sample Selection Through Uncertainty Estimation and Its Application in Deep Learning.
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When 3D Bounding-Box Meets SAM: Point Cloud Instance Segmentation with Weak-and-Noisy Supervision.
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Asymmetric Co-Training with Explainable Cell Graph Ensembling for Histopathological Image Classification.
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Self-supervised arbitrary scale super-resolution framework for anisotropic MRI.
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Deploying Machine Learning Models to Ahead-of-Time Runtime on Edge Using MicroTVM.
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