Cheng-Hung Wu

According to our database1, Cheng-Hung Wu authored at least 33 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Dynamic dispatching and preventive maintenance for parallel machines with dispatching-dependent deterioration.
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An interactive method for multi-criteria dispatching problems with unknown preference functions.
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Using Partial Combination Models to Improve Prediction Quality and Transparency in Mixed Datasets.
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An Efficient Diagnosis-Aware ATPG Procedure to Enhance Diagnosis Resolution and Test Compaction.
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Parallel machine scheduling with time constraints on machine qualifications.
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A trading decision support model to maximize the sustainability of a self-financed guaranteed farmgate price program.
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A Novel Test Generation Method for Small-Delay Defects with User-Defined Fault Model.
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Deep Learning Based Test Compression Analyzer.
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A Repair-for-Diagnosis Methodology for Logic Circuits.
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Dynamic scheduling and maintenance for a two-class queue with a deteriorating server.
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Dynamic dispatching for re-entrant production lines - A deep learning approach.
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A Web Service Protocol Realizing Interoperable Internet of Things Tasking Capability.
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Multiple product admission control in semiconductor manufacturing systems with process queue time (PQT) constraints.
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Decentralized dispatching for blocking avoidance in automate material handling systems.
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