David A. Duce

  • Oxford Brookes University, UK

According to our database1, David A. Duce authored at least 92 papers between 1976 and 2020.

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The role of usability engineering in the development of an intelligent decision support system.
Proceedings of the First Joint Workshop on AI in Health organized as part of the Federated AI Meeting (FAIM 2018), 2018

The Role of Usability Engineering in the Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence in Health - First International Workshop, 2018

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SWiFT Seeing the Wood From the Trees: helping people make sense of their health data.
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GKS-94 to SVG: Some Reflections on the Evolution of Standards for 2D Graphics.
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RP-Match: A Framework for Automatic Mapping of Regulations with Organizational Processes.
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Evaluating Mobile Applications: A Spreadsheet Case Study.
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Modeling social media collaborative work.
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Methodologies for using Social Media Collaborative Work systems.
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Towards semantic methodologies for automatic regulatory compliance support.
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An efficient composition of Web services with active network support.
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A component-based middleware framework for configurable and reconfigurable Grid computing.
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In Memoriam: Jürgen Schönhut.
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Do You See What I Mean?
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SVG Primer.
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Systems, interactions, and macrotheory.
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The generation of representations of word meanings from dictionaries.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, 2000

The Formalization of a Cognitive Architecture and its Application to Reasoning About Human Computer Interaction.
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The Changing Face of Standardization: A Place for Formal Methods?
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