Dimitri Schuurman

According to our database1, Dimitri Schuurman authored at least 18 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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Specification and implementation of mapping rule visualization and editing: MapVOWL and the RMLEditor.
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The effectiveness of involving users in digital innovation: Measuring the impact of living labs.
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Hybrid Books for Interactive Digital Storytelling: Connecting Story Entities and Emotions to Smart Environments.
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Smart Ideas for Smart Cities: Investigating Crowdsourcing for Generating and Selecting Ideas for ICT Innovation in a City Context.
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A Living Lab research approach for mobile TV.
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New media adoption and usage among Flemish youngsters.
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Adoption versus use diffusion of iDTV in flanders - personalized television content as a tool to cross the chasm?
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Forecasting broadband Internet adoption on trains in Belgium.
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