Elia Formisano

According to our database1, Elia Formisano authored at least 37 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Optimizing fMRI experimental design for MVPA-based BCI control: Combining the strengths of block and event-related designs.
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Frequency-specific attentional modulation in human primary auditory cortex and midbrain.
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Sensitivity and specificity considerations for fMRI encoding, decoding, and mapping of auditory cortex at ultra-high field.
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The impact of ultra-high field MRI on cognitive and computational neuroimaging.
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Cortical tracking of multiple streams outside the focus of attention in naturalistic auditory scenes.
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Acoustic and higher-level representations of naturalistic auditory scenes in human auditory and frontal cortex.
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Cortical processing of pitch: Model-based encoding and decoding of auditory fMRI responses to real-life sounds.
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Encoding of natural timbre dimensions in human auditory cortex.
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Effects of Cross-modal Asynchrony on Informational Masking in Human Cortex.
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A 7T fMRI study investigating the influence of oscillatory phase on syllable representations.
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The effect of spatial resolution on decoding accuracy in fMRI multivariate pattern analysis.
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Developmental refinement of cortical systems for speech and voice processing.
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Multiclass fMRI data decoding and visualization using supervised self-organizing maps.
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Development from childhood to adulthood increases morphological and functional inter-individual variability in the right superior temporal cortex.
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Hemispheric Differences in the Voluntary Control of Spatial Attention: Direct Evidence for a Right-Hemispheric Dominance within Frontal Cortex.
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Of cats and women: Temporal dynamics in the right temporoparietal cortex reflect auditory categorical processing of vocalizations.
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Spin echo functional MRI in bilateral auditory cortices at 7 T: An application of B1 shimming.
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Pattern analysis of EEG responses to speech and voice: Influence of feature grouping.
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Seeing patterns through the hemodynamic veil - The future of pattern-information fMRI.
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Integration of "what" and "where" in frontal cortex during visual imagery of scenes.
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Network-based statistics for a community driven transparent publication process.
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Classification and Visualization of Multiclass fMRI Data Using Supervised Self-Organizing Maps.
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Predicting subject-driven actions and sensory experience in a virtual world with Relevance Vector Machine Regression of fMRI data.
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Reply to Friston and David: After comments on: The identification of interacting networks in the brain using fMRI: Model selection, causality and deconvolution.
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The identification of interacting networks in the brain using fMRI: Model selection, causality and deconvolution.
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Whole brain high-resolution functional imaging at ultra high magnetic fields: An application to the analysis of resting state networks.
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Predicting EEG single trial responses with simultaneous fMRI and Relevance Vector Machine regression.
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Brain activation during audiovisual exposure anticipates future perception of ambiguous speech.
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High-resolution diffusion tensor imaging and tractography of the human optic chiasm at 9.4 T.
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Combining multivariate voxel selection and support vector machines for mapping and classification of fMRI spatial patterns.
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Top-down task effects overrule automatic multisensory responses to letter-sound pairs in auditory association cortex.
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