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According to our database1, Ole Jensen authored at least 49 papers between 2001 and 2022.

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FLUX: A pipeline for MEG analysis.
NeuroImage, 2022

Optimising the sensing volume of OPM sensors for MEG source reconstruction.
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The visual cortex produces gamma band echo in response to broadband visual flicker.
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Detection of human auditory evoked brain signals with a resilient nonlinear optically pumped magnetometer.
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The 'Narcissus Effect': Top-down alpha-beta band modulation of face-related brain areas during self-face processing.
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Biasing the Perception of Spoken Words with Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation.
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Probing cortical excitability using rapid frequency tagging.
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Low-frequency alternating current stimulation rhythmically suppresses gamma-band oscillations and impairs perceptual performance.
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Native and non-native listeners show similar yet distinct oscillatory dynamics when using gestures to access speech in noise.
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Alpha and alpha-beta phase synchronization mediate the recruitment of the visuospatial attention network through the Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus.
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Dorsal and ventral cortices are coupled by cross-frequency interactions during working memory.
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Language Prediction Is Reflected by Coupling between Frontal Gamma and Posterior Alpha Oscillations.
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Occipital Alpha and Gamma Oscillations Support Complementary Mechanisms for Processing Stimulus Value Associations.
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Alpha and Beta Oscillations Index Semantic Congruency between Speech and Gestures in Clear and Degraded Speech.
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On the relationship between cortical excitability and visual oscillatory responses - A concurrent tDCS-MEG study.
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Real-time MEG neurofeedback training of posterior alpha activity modulates subsequent visual detection performance.
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Measuring directionality between neuronal oscillations of different frequencies.
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Metacognitive awareness of covert somatosensory attention corresponds to contralateral alpha power.
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Region-specific modulations in oscillatory alpha activity serve to facilitate processing in the visual and auditory modalities.
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Alpha activity reflects individual abilities to adapt to the environment.
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MEG-based decoding of the spatiotemporal dynamics of visual category perception.
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Good practice for conducting and reporting MEG research.
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Oscillatory dynamics of response competition in human sensorimotor cortex.
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Effortless Passive BCIs for Healthy Users.
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Of cats and women: Temporal dynamics in the right temporoparietal cortex reflect auditory categorical processing of vocalizations.
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Interpreting single trial data using groupwise regularisation.
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