Fabio Campos

According to our database1, Fabio Campos authored at least 17 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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CTIDH: faster constant-time CSIDH.
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On Actively Secure Fine-grained Access Structures from Isogeny Assumptions.
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Transforming Everyday Information into Practical Analytics with Crowdsourced Assessment Tasks.
Proceedings of the LAK'21: 11th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, 2021

Co-Designing for Privacy, Transparency, and Trust in K-12 Learning Analytics.
Proceedings of the LAK'21: 11th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, 2021

LMS vs XMSS: Comparison of Stateful Hash-Based Signature Schemes on ARM Cortex-M4.
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Trouble at the CSIDH: Protecting CSIDH with Dummy-Operations against Fault Injection Attacks.
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Assembly or Optimized C for Lightweight Cryptography on RISC-V?
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Where's the Learning in Education Crowdsourcing?
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No RISC, no Fun: Comparison of Hardware Accelerated Hash Functions for XMSS.
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The Relationship Among the Optical Aspects of Photographic Composition and the Quality, Perception and Interpretation of the Realism in Virtual Images.
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On Lions and Elligators: An efficient constant-time implementation of CSIDH.
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What's a makerspace for?: Investigating the integration of makerspaces into schools and communities.
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Fostering civic engagement through native maps: a preliminary study.
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The Conference of the Birds: A Collaborative Storytelling Environment for Literacy Development.
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Specialized File Transfer Service for Large Oil and Gas Datasets.
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An Extended Approach for Dempster-Shafer Theory.
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