Fang Guo

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According to our database1, Fang Guo authored at least 65 papers between 2006 and 2024.

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EHR-HGCN: An Enhanced Hybrid Approach for Text Classification Using Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks in Electronic Health Records.
IEEE J. Biomed. Health Informatics, March, 2024

Generating Diverse Criteria On-the-Fly to Improve Point-wise LLM Rankers.
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Electric vehicle charging strategy for intercity travel: Impact of user perception and battery degradation.
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Robust optimization of microhub network and mixed service strategy for a multidepot location-routing problem.
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Integrated scheduling method for fleet wave sorties and maintenance of naval distributed platforms.
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Digital finance, entrepreneurship and the household income gap: Evidence from China.
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Over-Current Mechanism and Suppression Strategy of DC Transformer in Multiterminal Interconnected Flexible DC Distribution Network.
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XAL: EXplainable Active Learning Makes Classifiers Better Low-resource Learners.
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Iterative Learning Tracking Control for a Vehicle-Manipulator System With Input Constraint.
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SciMine: An Efficient Systematic Prioritization Model Based on Richer Semantic Information.
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TGP-based dynamic traffic camouflage method.
Proceedings of the 33rd International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, 2023

Meta-TFEN: A Multi-Modal Deep Learning Approach for Encrypted Malicious Traffic Detection.
Proceedings of the 33rd International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, 2023

Human motion segmentation based on structure constraint matrix factorization.
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A novel method for drug-target interaction prediction based on graph transformers model.
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Heuristic approaches for a vehicle routing problem with an incompatible loading constraint and splitting deliveries by order.
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Research on DC Microgrid Protection Scheme Based on Fault Current Controller.
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Adaptive Visually Servoed Tracking Control for Wheeled Mobile Robot with Uncertain Model Parameters in Complex Environment.
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Integrated sustainable planning of micro-hub network with mixed routing strategy.
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Automatic Dataset Expansion With Structured Feature Learning for Human Lying Pose Detection.
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Joint Aspect-Sentiment Analysis with Minimal User Guidance.
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Integrated sustainable planning of self-pickup and door-to-door delivery service with multi-type stations.
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Design of Hybrid Control Algorithm for Fault Ride-Through of Photovoltaic System.
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A robust non-rigid point set registration method based on inhomogeneous Gaussian mixture models.
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Point-pattern matching based on point pair local topology and probabilistic relaxation labeling.
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Adaptive vibration control of a flexible marine riser via the backstepping technique and disturbance adaptation.
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Vibration control of an axially moving accelerated/decelerated belt system with input saturation.
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基于行为分析的微博传播模型研究 (Study on Microblog Propagation Model Based on Analysis of User Behavior).
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Middleware Design of the Intelligent Management System.
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