Yun Luo

According to our database1, Yun Luo authored at least 42 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Investigating Protein-Protein Allosteric Network using Current-Flow Scheme.
Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2020

FedVision: An Online Visual Object Detection Platform Powered by Federated Learning.
CoRR, 2020

Integrated Safety Risk Assessment Between Enterprises, Industries and Areas.
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NS-DBSCAN: A Density-Based Clustering Algorithm in Network Space.
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A computation offloading method over big data for IoT-enabled cloud-edge computing.
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Real-World Image Datasets for Federated Learning.
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Multiobjective computation offloading for workflow management in cloudlet-based mobile cloud using NSGA-II.
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Efficient solution to the millionaires' problem based on asymmetric commutative encryption scheme.
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Mutual Information on Tensors for Measuring the Nonlinear Correlations in Network Security.
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A GAN-Based Data Augmentation Method for Multimodal Emotion Recognition.
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Depersonalized Cross-Subject Vigilance Estimation with Adversarial Domain Generalization.
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A Cross-Culture Study on Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning.
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A Novel Mobile and Hierarchical Data Transmission Architecture for Smart Factories.
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Modelling of the effect of interface morphology on hydrogen diffusion in a clad plate.
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A methodology for reliability of WSN based on software defined network in adaptive industrial environment.
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Workshop Networks Integration Using Mobile Intelligence in Smart Factories.
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A collaborative task-oriented scheduling driven routing approach for industrial IoT based on mobile devices.
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Spatial-Temporal Aware Intelligent Service Recommendation Method Based on Distributed Tensor factorization for Big Data Applications.
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Density Biased Sampling with Locality Sensitive Hashing for Outlier Detection.
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Sleep Quality Estimation with Adversarial Domain Adaptation: From Laboratory to Real Scenario.
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Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review.
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Stock market analysis using social networks.
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Polymodal allosteric regulation of Type 1 Serine/Threonine Kinase Receptors via a conserved electrostatic lock.
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A social-D2D architecture for People-centric Industrial Internet of Things.
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Services D2D aggregation for environment measurement based on people-centric IoT.
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Effect of notch position on creep damage for brazed joint.
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The Research on the Impact of Service Failure Severity on Customer Service Failure Attribution in the Network Shopping.
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A New Modeling Method of Photoplethysmography Signal Based on Lognormal Basis.
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A multi-constrained routing optimization algorithm in the IP networks.
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Generalized scalable multiple copy algorithms for molecular dynamics simulations in NAMD.
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Pedestrian detection in near-infrared night vision system.
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Carbon-Based Nanostructured Coatings on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy for Biomedical Applications.
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A Data Fusion Approach Based on Parallel Support Vector Machine.
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Pedestrian detection by modeling local convex shape features.
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Seat detection in a car for a smart airbag application.
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Towards a classification of web service feature interactions.
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Extracting meaningful regions for content-based retrieval of image and video.
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